Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 7. července 2014

18:57:00 PZH Děti
18:51:00 THE 2 BEARS Work
18:49:00 LA SERA Losing To The Dark
18:39:00 MGDLN Likes Wine
18:35:00 MISUN Eli Eli
18:32:00 LACE CURTAINS Police Brutality
18:29:00 BELLE & SEBASTIAN Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
18:19:00 THE KNIFE & EUROPA EUROPA För alla namn vi inte far använda
18:14:00 FOREST SWORDS Thor´s Stone
18:03:00 JOY DIVISON Love Will Tear Us Apart
17:58:00 EDITORS Papillon
17:53:00 FLOEX Šnekoun
17:51:00 BOARDS OF CANADA Roygbiv
17:47:00 NOSAJ THING Fog
17:42:00 GANG OF FOUR Damaged Goods
17:37:00 TOTAL CONTROL Flesh War
17:33:00 FEAR OF MEN Descent
17:29:00 SEINABO SEY Younger
17:25:00 MAPEI Change
17:21:00 GORILLAZ Clint Eastwood
17:18:00 COMMON Made in Black America ft. Ab Soul
17:09:00 SHY BOYS Life Is Peachy
17:06:00 DUTCH EDUCATION Budget Cuts
17:02:00 FM BELFAST DeLorean
16:57:00 LUNO Fire in Your Heart
16:53:00 LANA DEL REY West Coast
16:50:00 BROADCAST Come On Let's Go
16:43:00 ANNA CALVI Desire
16:39:00 PJ HARVEY The Words That Maketh Murder
16:34:00 WILCO Impossible Germany
16:29:00 ARIANA GRANDE Problem ft. Iggy Azalea
16:27:00 LAURA WELSH Break The Fall
16:24:00 THE THERMALS Born To Kill
16:21:00 GOLD-BEARS Yeah, Tonight
16:13:00 SKY FERREIRA Everything Is Embarrassing
16:08:00 NAOMI PILGRIM Rainmakers
16:04:00 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Oxford Comma
16:02:00 OF MONTREAL Jigsaw Puzzle
15:55:00 BLUE HAWAII In Two
15:47:00 THE WAR ON DRUGS Red Eyes
15:43:00 LOCAL NATIVES Heavy Feet
15:39:00 DALEKKO Nechoďte ještě spát
15:35:00 TNGHT Higher Ground
15:32:00 GRIMES Go ft. Blood Diamonds
15:24:00 DJ SHADOW Def Surrounds Us
15:15:00 THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Brill Bruisers
15:11:00 KURT VILE Never Run Away
15:07:00 GREAT GOOD FINE OK Not Going Home
15:02:00 ST. LUCIA September