Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 7. května 2014

19:55:00 PRODAVAČ Signály
19:51:00 TOMAS BARFOD Pulsing ft. Nina Kinert
19:44:00 BLONDE SUMMER Slow Days Fast Company
19:32:00 BASEMENT JAXX What Difference Your Love Makes
19:21:00 VERONICA FALLS Teenage
19:08:00 HELADO NEGRO Dance Ghost
18:59:00 THE TING TINGS That's Not My Name
18:56:00 OHM SQUARE Woodie Boogie
18:51:00 ZRNÍ Dva (Splitter remix)
18:47:00 PHANTOM Wanna
18:42:00 HIGH HIGHS A Real Hero
18:37:00 THE HELIO SEQUENCE October
18:34:00 THE DO Queen Dot Kong
18:29:00 ZHU Cocaine Model
18:27:00 STEVIE BRUFEN Old Good New Stalingrad
18:17:00 LACE CURTAINS Bedroom Honesty
18:13:00 LITTLE DRAGON Paris
18:09:00 LEGEND Travelling Blind
18:06:00 MOON KING Only Child
17:58:00 oOoOO No Way Back (feat. Butterclock)
17:53:00 VOLKOVA SISTERS Das Mädel und die Dunkelheit
17:45:00 SANTIGOLD Disparate Youth
17:41:00 TRICKY Evolution Revolution Love
17:37:00 CHAIRLIFT Met Before
17:33:00 FEAR OF MEN Descent
17:28:00 GENT MASON Head
17:24:00 TIRZAH No Romance
17:17:00 GOLD-BEARS For You
17:14:00 UPSET She's Gone
17:11:00 THEM 9'S Dreams
17:05:00 GUDRUN GUT Garten
17:01:00 MISS KITTIN Life Is My Teacher
16:57:00 MONIKINO KINO Sedím doma
16:54:00 JULIA HOLTER In The Same Room
16:52:00 DUTCH EDUCATION Budget Cuts
16:45:00 NYLON JAIL No Way
16:42:00 RACHEL ZEFFIRA Break The Spell
16:38:00 MAPS A.M.A.
16:35:00 CHAINS OF LOVE Breaking My Heart
16:32:00 PEPPER RABBIT Rose Mary Stretch
16:26:00 BIG BLACK DELTA Side Of The Road
16:23:00 MOLLY BEANLAND Real Life
16:13:00 FRED MADISON Best Friends
16:09:00 CHEERLEADER Perfect Vision
16:06:00 CLUB 8 Stop Taking My Time
16:02:00 INDIANA Solo Dancing
15:57:00 ICEBIRD Charmed Life